Microsoft® Excel

Here you will learn how to insert Excel files into your FRAMR. Playlist.

Click on the drop-down arrow in the “Content” section. Here you will see the different available modules.

Click on the drop-down arrow to view the available modules.

Scroll down to “Microsoft Excel” and select the module by clicking on it and then click on the “Add” button.

Select “Microsoft Excel” from the drop-down list and then click the “+” to the right of it.

Once the module is loaded into your FRAMR. Playlist, you will see the “Microsoft Excel” section directly below it. You can also access this area later by clicking on the Excel module.

Drag and drop your Excel file onto the plus in the middle and click on “Save” once the file has been loaded.

Add your Excel file via drag and drop.

Then click on “Save” in the top center.

Finally, click on the “Save” button.

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