Overview & creating a new group

After activating your FRAMR. User account you can now use the FRAMR. Cockpit to its full extent, all depending on the license you have chosen.

Groups overview

In FRAMR. Cockpit players, playlists and content in general are organized in so-called “groups”. In these groups you will find all components bundled together in order to play out content accurately to all your playback devices.

Players can only show playlists and content from a group that surrounds them. Therefore, different groups for different areas of the company, different locations, or different countries provide additional security mechanisms to specifically manage your content and share only with specific additional users. For more information, see the explanation of group settings.

Click on the menu item “TV” in the menu bar at the top to get to the group overview. There you will see a list of all the groups that you have created yourself and that have been shared with you.

Create new group

After activating your account, create a first group for all your playlists, players, content and all settings – it’s very easy:

Create a new group by clicking on the button “Add new group”. A modal window will open in the browser allowing you to enter the name of the group and optionally a short description. Complete the process by clicking on “Create Group” in the window to create the group. In the updated view you will now find the new entry for the group in the list.

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