This guide lists several possible solutions to common problems.

Screen stays black

Please check the following steps before investigating the issue further:

  1. Is there any content appearing in the playlist? Please open the current playlist that is displayed as “ON AIR” on the player settings page in FRAMR. Cockpit and check the layers in the playlist. If necessary, add a new layer at the top and add a color module in a revealing color.

  2. Is the player connected to power supply? If the power supply is active, the power lamp or the lamp at the network connection should be illuminated or blinking.

  3. Is the screen connected to the power supply? Most monitors have a status LED light glowing.

  4. Is a signal cable (e.g. HDMI or DVI) connected to the player and to the screen? Please check the plug connections if necessary.

  5. Have you disconnected the player and the screen from the power supply? Turn off the screen and the player for at least 10 seconds and then turn them on again. When power is restored, the FRAMR. boot logo should appear.

There is no sound being played

  1. Does the screen have speakers?

  2. Is the volume on the screen turned up loud enough? Please check the volume on the screen with the remote control or the control buttons.

  3. Has the audio output been configured to the correct output port in the player? Check the audio output in the player settings.

If the problem cannot be solved with these instructions, an opened support ticket should refer to the responsible hardware support person.

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