Manage user account

In User Account Settings you can manage all the information about your user account and change the account password.

Manage user data

Changing your user data, such as your email address or profile picture, is easy. Click on your username in the menu bar at the top right and open the user profile view. Here you can customize all information according to your wishes.

Please only use email accounts to which you have unlimited access. You need a correct email address e.g. to reset your password if you have forgotten your current password.



Change password

If you want to change the password of your user account, follow these steps:

Click on your username in the top right menu bar and open User Profile View. Scroll down or click on “Change Password” in the navigation bar on the left to get to the related section in the view. Now enter your current password, as well as the desired new password. Verify the correctness of your new password by entering it once again, and then click on “Change password”. The next time you log in, you can use the new password.

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