The cryptocurrency module shows the current trading price of a digital currency on your display. Thus, you can create your personal stock ticker – just like on the big trading places. With Bitpanda interface!

Here you will learn how to display the current prices of a cryptocurrency.


Select the “Cryptocurrency” module in the list of available items and then click “Add”.

Select “Cryptocurrency” from the drop-down menu and then click the “Plus” icon.

Now select an abbreviation for a cryptocurrency, as well as a classic currency unit to display the exchange rate. Then click on the “Save” icon.

Click in the “Stock abbreviation” field to switch to one of the choices and select the desired stock price.


Click in the “Currency” field to get to the selector and choose the desired unit.


Finally, click on “Save” in the upper area to apply your changes.

The price data is provided by the platform. In addition, all cryptocurrencies available on the trading platform are automatically listed for selection. Cryptocurrencies not included in this list are sadly not available at the moment.

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