Release Log

Learn more about new features, recent security updates and bug fixes.


Version 85 – Release 05.06.2024

New Features:

  • Modules can now be displayed based on local weather data (location must be specified in the Player settings).
  • Layers can now be displayed via scheduling.
  • An online indicator is now shown in the Player list and detail view.
  • Google authentication has been added.
  • The IP address of a Player is now displayed on the initialization screen.
  • A keyword filter for calendar entries has been added.
  • When adding employees, a message is now displayed if the user account does not exist.
  • A “One-time Playback” mode has been added at the playlist level.
  • Design adjustments have been made to group settings.
  • The design for copying playlists has been improved.
  • New options such as scroll option, margin, button border thickness, and color have been integrated into the Layout Designer module.
  • A Rich Text Editor has been integrated into the Layout Editor module.
  • The “Weather” module now allows changing the font color.

Bug Fixes:

  • The buttons during calendar data import are now appropriately spaced apart.
  • A distinction is now correctly made between group and device with the same ID in a scheduled playlist.
  • A bug in the weekly schedule spanning over midnight has been fixed. A new version has been integrated into the animation engine to address issues with time switching.
  • Password input no longer fails, and case sensitivity is ignored during login.
  • Certain filenames that were previously not uploadable can now be uploaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the order of data management.
  • Drag & Drop at the end of the timeline now correctly displays the content instead of in the browser.
  • The text in the HTML code editor now matches the displayed text.
  • The transition design has been adjusted to match the new design.
  • The QR code on the initialization screen no longer flickers.
  • Very large files (8GB and above) can now be offline stored more efficiently.
  • Sending a variable to another device in the Layout Designer module now works as expected.
  • A display issue when replacing a device has been resolved.
  • The player view now fully loads in all browsers.
  • Uploading TTF files under Windows is now possible.

Version 84 – Release 13.03.2024

New Features:

  • Overall UI redesign
  • Preview of modules in the editor
  • Module for Powerpoint presentations
  • Module for Youtube LIVE
  • Modules for embedding Facebook, Instagram and X posts
  • Module for QR codes
  • Module for videos from remote locations
  • Rounded corners & shadows for layers in the playlist
  • Notification in case of missing group playlist on single schedule
  • Thumbnails for (new) videos in playlists
  • Drag & drop file position selectable in the playlist editor
  • Auto software update for players can be activated via parameter
  • Redirect message after authorization in Teams channel modules
  • Scrolling in the website module can be activated / deactivated
  • Password reset, registration & login with email address
  • New fade animation with black frame in between when changing module
  • Modal overlay windows have been redesigned
  • Variable conversion
  • Performance in the playback loop optimized
  • Alert and dialog messages in the frontend software are suppressed
  • Installation script for slugs
  • Delete single events from recurring appointments
  • Store keyboard codes in variables
  • Ability to see plugin module changes in preview and on player without clearing cache or reloading

Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar module: RRule functionality restored
  • Last layer in the playlist could be deleted
  • Player Settings (Shift + Insert) now working again in the USB media player website
  • Variables are now correctly detected even for short periods
  • EXDATE in iCal recurring calendars is now evaluated
  • Modules now clean up correctly in the preview
  • Variables now work in the layout editor preview
  • All files are now preloaded in the layout editor
  • Streaming modules are now displayed in the module list
  • Changed playlist settings are now displayed after reopening the settings form
  • In the HTML code snippet module, a <script> tag can now be added
  • The USB website now also starts when the player is offline
  • Relationships between objects are now correctly removed when an object is deleted
  • QR code in the directory module fixed
  • Events in the data management now load correctly
  • Large files could not be saved
  • Users with “+” in their username can now view their profile

Version 83 – Release 06.11.2023

  • Feature: Note for supported player variants in module form if not all devices in the group support the module
  • Feature: Module Teams Messages
  • Feature: Module Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Feature: Module Playback Instruction
  • Feature: Module HTTP Request
  • Feature: Module HTML Code Snippet
  • Feature: Module Layout Designer – Action: HTTP Request
  • Feature: Module Website – Placeholders are now supported in the URL
  • Feature: Module Infoterminal – Notice if the data source has not been created
  • Feature: User interaction in layers can now be disabled
  • Feature: Important layer settings are now displayed as icons in the timeline view
  • Feature: Playlist layer can now be copied
  • Feature: Design adjustments in the playlist layer selection field
  • Feature: Resolution can now be selected during video conversion
  • Feature: Module selection in the playlist can now be filtered with a search field
  • Feature: Data import tasks
  • Feature: Automatic software update can be enabled in player settings
  • Bug: Files with an apostrophe (‘) were not displayed correctly
  • Bug: Emergency mode – Error when the file on the server is not available for the first download
  • Bug: When creating a playlist in player view, the new playlist was not displayed in the modal window and below in the actions
  • Bug: Module Layout Editor: Column was displayed too small when moving
  • Bug: Calendar – Detail field was not filled when clicked multiple times
  • Bug: HTML5 player did not accept variables via Cloud API command
  • Bug: When deactivating any timeline element via the context menu in the playlist, the currently open element was displayed as deactivated

Version 82 – Release 28.08.2023

  • Feature: HDMI CEC module
  • Feature: Notifications can now be marked as read individually
  • Feature: Improved planning of playlists
  • Feature: Implemented evaluation of M3U files in the Audio-Stream module
  • Feature: Migration to the Tiktok API V2
  • Feature: Improved “Infoterminal” module
  • Feature: General start and end date option for data entries for visibility and sorting.
  • Bug: Conversion of MOV files to MP4 format failed with some videos
  • Bug: Issue with initial registration
  • Bug: Error with volume control caused by cloned playlists

Version 81 – Release 30.05.2023

  • Feature: Module “Text to speech”
  • Feature: Timezone selector in module “Clock”
  • Feature: Playlist preview – Reload on save
  • Feature: Design enhancements in playlist preview
  • Feature: Design enhancements on playlist scheduler
  • Feature: Additional configuration in module “Directory”
  • Feature: Clear variable on display module if conditions met
  • Feature: USB media player on FRAMR.Player (Firmware 4.23+)
  • Bug: Error 404 occasionally stopped playlist while showing module “Weather”
  • Bug: Typos in FRAMR. Cockpit
  • Bug: Sony OSD occasionally showing while displaying playlist
  • Bug: Translations in module “Directory” missing
  • Bug: Playlist preview “Custom resolution” scaled infinite if no values were set

Version 80 – Release 27.03.2023

  • Feature: New Module “Tiktok Videos”
  • Feature: Module “Layout Designer”: New element Swiper
  • Feature: Module “Layout Designer”: Expand and collapse sub-elements
  • Feature: Additional logging of edit actions
  • Feature: Redirect to player settings after adding your second or more player
  • Feature: Trigger firmware update via cockpit player actions
  • Feature: Display HTML5 player URL in player settings
  • Bugfix: FRAMR. Calendar – Mark entry as not to be overwritten by import again
  • Bugfix: Increased timeout after time error message will be send
  • Bugfix: Module “Directory” – Preview does not work
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Fixed listener ID
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Fixed listener Routine
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Adjusted trigger event, now triggers on touch start / mousedown
  • Bugfix: Fixed non-existent files interrupting the cleanup of screenshots
  • Bugfix: Module “Clock”: Not centered when layer is too small
  • Bugfix: Module “Stocks”: Fixed API endpoint
  • Bugfix: Ticker now works correctly when stage is rotated
  • Bugfix: Module “Next Playlist”: Playlist switch error
  • Bugfix: Enabling/disabling player checkbox does not show changes
  • Bugfix: Socket vars were triggered multiple times in the event of writing
  • Bugfix: When starting FRAMR. Frontend with internet connection, an unchanged playlist is not rebuilt after data retrieval anymore
  • Bugfix: Deleted appointment is not removed from the appointment view
  • Bugfix: Design fix in map editor
  • Bugfix: Design fix when creating data collections

Version 79 – Release 07.02.2023

  • Feature: Module Weather – New weather provider Apple Weather Kit (previously Dark Sky)
  • Feature: Module Layout Designer – New elements, copy paste, UI enhancements
  • Feature: Module Infoterminal – Improved overall module
  • Feature: Search in filebrowser
  • Feature: Copy playlist from playlist editor
  • Various bugfixes

Version 78 – Release 12.12.2022

  • Feature: Module – Layout-Designer
  • Feature: Module templates
  • Feature: Optional warning when there is not content shown on your player
  • Feature: Custom fonts
  • Feature: Module PDF from URL
  • Feature: Create playlist from player scheduler
  • Feature: Improved interactive 3D map in module Directory
  • Feature: Added ALT description text for file browser files
  • Feature: Overall group activity protocol list and export
  • Bug: Fixed video bug
  • Bug: Fixed player offline check on some devices
  • Bug: Fixed module Countdown on firmware 4.20+
  • Bug: Fixed drag&drop onto playlist
  • Bug: Playlist schedule not working on firmware 4.20+

Version 77 – Release 19.10.2022

  • Bug: Fixed submitted player software version

Version 76 – Release 17.10.2022

  • Feature: Added module NDI video stream (beta) (Firmware 4.20+ required)
  • Feature: Improved module Directory
  • Feature: You may now use placeholders in all modules
  • Feature: Added configurable font settings
  • Feature: Added most recent emojis in fonts
  • Feature: Added gender settings in user account
  • Bug: Fixed disable player button
  • Various bugfixes


Version 4.27 – Release date 27.05.2024

New Features:

  • FRAMR.Player PRO2 – HDMI-IN: Added HDMI signal passthrough capability.
  • TCP-Control: Support for setting variables via TCP commands.
  • Elgato Stream Deck Support: Enabled the use of the Elgato Stream Deck as a customizable button control interface.

Bug Fixes:

  • Touchscreen Responsiveness: Fixed issues with the touchscreen not responding under certain conditions.
  • USB Media Features: Added support for special characters on USB media devices.
  • VPN Connection MTU Limit: Resolved MTU limit issues affecting VPN connections.
  • Settings Validation: Enhanced the validation process to prevent corrupt settings files.
  • Suppress Popup Messages: Prevented general alert and dialog messages in FRAMR.Player Frontend, which can be triggered by websites and other HTML content.

Version 4.26 – Release date 12.03.2024

New Features:

  • Settings Optimizations: Improved performance and usability of the settings menu.
  • LVDS Displays (IOT2): Added support for various Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) displays for the IOT2 device.
  • FRAMR.Sensor Bidirectional Communication: Enabled two-way communication with FRAMR.Sensor devices.
  • Limited Keyboard Input: Implemented functionality to restrict the number of characters or values allowed for specific keyboard inputs.
  • USB Media Features: Added support for using USB media devices for data storage and retrieval.
  • USB Update Auto-selection: Improved USB update functionality to automatically select the correct firmware for the connected device.
  • USB Feature and Settings Import: Added the ability to import features and settings from a USB device.
  • PRO2 AP-Mode Button: Introduced a dedicated button for activating Access Point (AP) mode on the PRO2 device.

Bug Fixes:

  • SIMCOM Modem Compatibility: Resolved compatibility issues with specific SIMCOM modem models.
  • Network Default Gateway Handling: Fixed a bug related to handling the default gateway for network connections.


  • Player IOT2: Introduced a new media player specifically designed for the IOT2 device.

Version 4.25 – Release date 14.11.2023

New Features:

  • Hardware Support:
    • Intel Processors: Linux Kernel 5.15.119
    • ARM Processors: Linux Kernel 5.10.160
    • ECO2/PRO2: Added support for HDMI-CEC
  • USB Features:
    • Added USB update function
    • Settings: Import/export via USB possible
    • Transfer USB media to internal hard drive
  • Security:
    • Added option to set a password
  • Sensors:
    • Added support for FRAMR.Sensor HUB
  • Streaming:
    • Added NDI-HX support (license required)
    • RTSP audio playback possible
  • Software:
    • Added openurl API
    • Completely redesigned settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with firmware updates over proxy
  • Fixed issues with software updates over proxy
  • Fixed touchscreen calibration error (rotation)


  • New Player PRO2

The NDI-HX function requires a separate license.

Version 4.23 – Release date 31.05.2023


  • Touch Display: Enhanced handling for a smoother and more responsive touch experience.
  • Networking: Improved WiFi connection performance for better stability and speed.
  • Display: Fixed an issue causing a small font size on the OSD (On-Screen Display).

New Features:

  • Hardware Support: Added support for AMD GPUs, expanding graphics compatibility.
  • FRAMR Integration: Incorporated functionality for the FRAMR.Add-On button. (Note: Specific details regarding functionality may be required for a more comprehensive log.)
  • Media Playback: Introduced an optional USB Media Player, providing additional playback options.
  • Network Configuration: Extended Proxy configuration capabilities for more granular network control.

Version 4.22 – Release date 27.02.2023

New Features:

  • Touchscreen: Added multi-touch calibration tool for improved touch accuracy.
  • Hardware Support: Introduced support for new hardware platform: ECO2.
  • Wireless Access Point: Added AP mode functionality (turning the device into a wireless access point).
  • Log Management: Implemented log rotation for better log file management.
  • Security: Added ISDCAC extension for enhanced security.
  • System Monitoring: Integrated framr.eye watchdog for system monitoring.
  • File System Health: Added automatic check of data partition filesystem health on boot.

Bug Fixes:

  • Serial Communication: Resolved issue with RS232 cleanup process.
  • Mobile Connectivity: Fixed issue preventing modem from functioning during first boot.
  • Hardware Detection: Optimized hardware detection for improved accuracy.
  • System Stability: Fixed issue with hardware watchdog.
  • Networking: Resolved issue with secondary DNS server in settings.
  • Security: Fixed URL validation in proxy settings.
  • System Recovery: Implemented functionality to save the old kernel for fallback purposes.
  • ECO1: Fixed issue with headless mode functionality on ECO1 devices.
  • Audio: Resolved audio problem encountered in dual mode.

Version 4.21 – Release date 24.11.2022

New Features:

  • Web Interface: Added a plugin for automatic cookie acceptance.
  • API: Introduced a new API endpoint for time synchronization: /api/synctime


  • User Interface: Enhanced visual elements in Settings, OTA updates, and USB updates.
  • Display: Fixed missing splash screen text.
  • Hardware Monitoring: Resolved inaccurate CPU temperature readings on InfoTV3 devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • OTA Updates: Addressed issues with updates on devices with less than 2GB RAM.
  • FRAMRECO Software:
    • Fixed low audio volume issue.
    • Resolved issue causing a loop reboot.
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working on boot.
    • Enabled headless boot functionality.
  • Security: Fixed missing vnc password after factory reset.
  • Settings: Resolved issue with settings not being written at the correct interval.
  • Logs: Fixed excessive log entries related to NFC.
  • Firmware: Added missing rtw88 firmware present in version 4.20.
  • Hardware Compatibility:
    • Fixed detection issue with InfoTV (black NUC) devices.
    • Resolved missing sftp functionality introduced in version 4.20.

Version 4.20 – Release 17.10.2022

Hardware & Software Enhancements:

  • Linux Kernel: Updated to version 5.15.49 for improved system stability and performance.
  • Hardware Acceleration:
    • Added Intel VAAPI hardware acceleration for improved video processing.
    • Enabled FRAMRECO hardware acceleration for smoother software performance.
  • Streaming Support:
    • Introduced NDI (Network Device Interface) support for professional video production workflows.
    • Integrated RTSP (Real-time Streaming Protocol) support for broader streaming compatibility.
  • Hardware Compatibility:
    • Extended support for Intel 11th Gen CPUs (gen11).
    • Included a picom compositor specifically optimized for gen11 CPUs.
  • Customization: Added boot logo rotation functionality.

Networking Improvements:

  • PRO Player: Implemented network bridge mode for enhanced network configuration options.
  • Automatic Reconnection: Improved network behavior to automatically reconnect upon missing DNS information.

Security & User Interface:

  • SIM PIN Management: Added the ability to unlock the SIM PIN directly through the settings menu.
  • API Enhancements: Introduced a new parameter for the “apicall” function.
  • FRAMRECO Detection: Improved software detection for various FRAMRECO variants.
  • Log Management: Optimized log file format for better readability.
  • NFC Optimization: Limited NFC data transmission to only occur when a receiving device is present.
  • Remote Debugging: Enabled remote debugging capabilities for easier troubleshooting.
  • Settings Management: Added functionalities for exporting and importing player settings.
  • Touchscreen Calibration: Provided a dedicated button in settings for easy touchscreen calibration.

Bug Fixes:

  • Networking: Resolved issue causing missing TCP connection when using the “send to” function.
  • Touchscreen: Improved touchscreen calibration handling for better accuracy.
  • Boot Process: Fixed unnecessary DHCP activation during boot.
  • Hardware Monitoring: Addressed inaccurate CPU temperature readings on FRAMRPANORAMA1 devices.
  • Web Interface: Fixed issue preventing IP address changes within the Cockpit interface.

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