Release Log

Learn more about new features, recent security updates and bug fixes.


Version 82 – Release 28.08.2023

  • Feature: HDMI CEC module
  • Feature: Notifications can now be marked as read individually
  • Feature: Improved planning of playlists
  • Feature: Implemented evaluation of M3U files in the Audio-Stream module
  • Feature: Migration to the Tiktok API V2
  • Feature: Improved “Infoterminal” module
  • Feature: General start and end date option for data entries for visibility and sorting.
  • Bug: Conversion of MOV files to MP4 format failed with some videos
  • Bug: Issue with initial registration
  • Bug: Error with volume control caused by cloned playlists

Version 81 – Release 30.05.2023

  • Feature: Module “Text to speech”
  • Feature: Timezone selector in module “Clock”
  • Feature: Playlist preview – Reload on save
  • Feature: Design enhancements in playlist preview
  • Feature: Design enhancements on playlist scheduler
  • Feature: Additional configuration in module “Directory”
  • Feature: Clear variable on display module if conditions met
  • Feature: USB media player on FRAMR.Player (Firmware 4.23+)
  • Bug: Error 404 occasionally stopped playlist while showing module “Weather”
  • Bug: Typos in FRAMR. Cockpit
  • Bug: Sony OSD occasionally showing while displaying playlist
  • Bug: Translations in module “Directory” missing
  • Bug: Playlist preview “Custom resolution” scaled infinite if no values were set

Version 80 – Release 27.03.2023

  • Feature: New Module “Tiktok Videos”
  • Feature: Module “Layout Designer”: New element Swiper
  • Feature: Module “Layout Designer”: Expand and collapse sub-elements
  • Feature: Additional logging of edit actions
  • Feature: Redirect to player settings after adding your second or more player
  • Feature: Trigger firmware update via cockpit player actions
  • Feature: Display HTML5 player URL in player settings
  • Bugfix: FRAMR. Calendar – Mark entry as not to be overwritten by import again
  • Bugfix: Increased timeout after time error message will be send
  • Bugfix: Module “Directory” – Preview does not work
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Fixed listener ID
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Fixed listener Routine
  • Bugfix: Module “Layout Designer”: Adjusted trigger event, now triggers on touch start / mousedown
  • Bugfix: Fixed non-existent files interrupting the cleanup of screenshots
  • Bugfix: Module “Clock”: Not centered when layer is too small
  • Bugfix: Module “Stocks”: Fixed API endpoint
  • Bugfix: Ticker now works correctly when stage is rotated
  • Bugfix: Module “Next Playlist”: Playlist switch error
  • Bugfix: Enabling/disabling player checkbox does not show changes
  • Bugfix: Socket vars were triggered multiple times in the event of writing
  • Bugfix: When starting FRAMR. Frontend with internet connection, an unchanged playlist is not rebuilt after data retrieval anymore
  • Bugfix: Deleted appointment is not removed from the appointment view
  • Bugfix: Design fix in map editor
  • Bugfix: Design fix when creating data collections

Version 79 – Release 07.02.2023

  • Feature: Module Weather – New weather provider Apple Weather Kit (previously Dark Sky)
  • Feature: Module Layout Designer – New elements, copy paste, UI enhancements
  • Feature: Module Infoterminal – Improved overall module
  • Feature: Search in filebrowser
  • Feature: Copy playlist from playlist editor
  • Various bugfixes

Version 78 – Release 12.12.2022

  • Feature: Module – Layout-Designer
  • Feature: Module templates
  • Feature: Optional warning when there is not content shown on your player
  • Feature: Custom fonts
  • Feature: Module PDF from URL
  • Feature: Create playlist from player scheduler
  • Feature: Improved interactive 3D map in module Directory
  • Feature: Added ALT description text for file browser files
  • Feature: Overall group activity protocol list and export
  • Bug: Fixed video bug
  • Bug: Fixed player offline check on some devices
  • Bug: Fixed module Countdown on firmware 4.20+
  • Bug: Fixed drag&drop onto playlist
  • Bug: Playlist schedule not working on firmware 4.20+

Version 77 – Release 19.10.2022

  • Bug: Fixed submitted player software version

Version 76 – Release 17.10.2022

  • Feature: Added module NDI video stream (beta) (Firmware 4.20+ required)
  • Feature: Improved module Directory
  • Feature: You may now use placeholders in all modules
  • Feature: Added configurable font settings
  • Feature: Added most recent emojis in fonts
  • Feature: Added gender settings in user account
  • Bug: Fixed disable player button
  • Various bugfixes


Version 4.23 – Release 31.05.2023

  • Linux Kernel 5.15.94
  • Improved touch display handling
  • Added DHCP hostname
  • Improved WiFi connection performance
  • Fixed small OSD font
  • Added AMD GPU support
  • Added support for FRAMR.Add-On button
  • Added optional USB Media Player
  • Added extended Proxy 

Version 4.22 – Release 27.02.2023

  • fixed rs232 clean-up
  • fixed modem first boot not working
  • fixed hardware detection optimised
  • fixed hw watchdog
  • fixed 2nd DNS in settings
  • fixed url validation fix for proxy setting
  • fixed save old kernel for fallback
  • fixed ECO1 headless
  • fixed audio problem in dual mode
  • added multitouch calibration
  • added new hardware support ECO2
  • added AP-Mode
  • added logrotate
  • added ISDCAC extension
  • added framr.eye watchdog
  • added auto check data partition fs on boot

Version 4.21 – Release 24.11.2022

  • Settings cosmetics
  • otaupdate cosmetics
  • usbupdate cosmetics
  • fixed psplash text missing
  • fixed InfoTV3 wrong cpu temp
  • fixed otaupdate less 2GB RAM devices
  • fixed FRAMRECO low audio volume
  • fixed FRAMRECO loop reboot
  • fixed FRAMRECO keyboard shortcuts on boot not working
  • fixed FRAMRECO headless boot not working
  • fixed missing vnc password after factory reset
  • fixed interval writing of settings
  • fixed NFC is filling logfile
  • fixed missing rtw88 firmware in 4.20
  • fixed InfoTV (black NUC) detection
  • fixed sftp missing 4.20
  • added cookie auto accept plugin
  • added /api/synctime

Version 4.20 – Release 17.10.2022

  • Linux Kernel 5.15.49
  • Intel VAAPI HW acceleration
  • FRAMRECO HW acceleration
  • NDI support
  • RTSP support
  • Intel gen11 cpu compatiblity
  • picom compositor fro gen11 cpu
  • bootlogo rotation
  • network bridge mode for PRO Player
  • network reconnect on missing DNS
  • SIM PIN unolck in settings
  • apicall new parameter
  • FRAMRECO variants detection
  • FRAMRSDM2 detection
  • logfile optimized
  • NFC send only if device exists
  • remote debug
  • export / import player settings
  • touch calibration button in settings
  • fixed send to missing TCP connection
  • fixed touchscreen calibration handling
  • fixed unwanted DHCP on boot
  • fixed FRAMRPANORAMA1 cpu temp
  • fixed IP address change in cockpit

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