Microsoft® Powerpoint

This article will show you how to add PowerPoint content to your FRAMR. Playlist.

The FRAMR. Cockpit does not offer a direct playback option of PowerPoint files on the FRAMR. Player. But good news: You can still play content from PowerPoint on your player by exporting slides to the correct format. The following instructions explain all the necessary steps:

  1. Open a preferred PowerPoint file on your computer. After the loading process you should now be able to view all slides of your presentation in PowerPoint.

Open PowerPoint file on computer.

2. Now click on “File” → “Export…” in the menu bar to start the export process for FRAMR.

Click on “File” → “Export…”

3. In the following dialog box, select a folder on your computer as the location for the export.

4. Switch to the target format “JPEG” in the “File format” selection field.

Choose a storage destination and the “JPEG” file format.

5. In the following step you can adjust the output size of the export files. At this point, enter the screen resolution of your monitors in order to generate sufficiently large images. Too small graphics will be displayed blurred and “compressed” on the screen.

You can find examples for different screen resolutions below:
HD Ready – Width: 1280, Height: 720
Full HD – Width: 1920, Height: 1080
4K Display – Width: 3840, Height: 2160

Enter the preferred resolution for the export.

6. Now open the folder with the exported images in your file manager and select all files.

Select all the images in the file browser and upload the files by dragging the entries to the timeline of your playlist.

7. Drag the selected files with your mouse pointer onto the magenta area of your playlist to upload all files to FRAMR. Cockpit. You can learn more about Drag&Drop in the article Drag&Drop von Inhalten in die Timeline.

Release the mouse button above the timeline to start uploading.

The process may take a moment.

In the end, all image modules with the uploaded content are automatically created by FRAMR.

8. Your PowerPoint presentation in FRAMR. is ready to use and can now be assigned to your player for playback.

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