Configure your player

For the initial setup of your player, you may need a conventional monitor with HDMI, DVI or Displayport connection, as well as a USB keyboard to adjust all settings.

Your FRAMR. Player starts automatically as soon as the power supply is established. There are two ways to open the configuration settings of your player:

  • If a USB keyboard is available, you can plug it into your player. After the player has completely started, hold down the Shift+Insert key combination on the keyboard to open the configuration page of your player.

  • If the player is accessible via the network, you can also access the configuration page on the PC via the IP address of your player.

  • You can also start a browser window manually with the keyboard key combination CTRL-N right on the player, and type in the URL https://localhost/ manually there.

Enter the user name “admin” and the password “admin” in the subsequent prompt. If you have already changed the password, enter your own password at this point.

Default user: admin
Default password: admin

If no picture is displayed after several minutes, check again if the player is really connected to the power supply and to your display.

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