The module loads a movie from a Youtube link and plays it like a locally stored video in the playlist. All other options are identical to those of the video module.

Available in FRAMR.Cockpit license

The video must be publicly available and not subject to country restrictions. In addition, please check that you own the necessary rights to view the video.


Select the “YouTube” module in the list of available items and click “Add” to add the content to your playlist.

Enter the link in the “Youtube URL” field to the YouTube video that you want to be shown on your display later.

After you have entered the URL to the video, it will be checked immediately and then previewed after it has been successfully analyzed.

If there is an error or it is not available in your region, an error message will be displayed and the preview will be disabled. In this case, please use a different URL for display.

This option allows you to adjust the playback volume on the display device.

Your viewing device must support audio playback to use this option.

The “Volume” parameter has no effect on players with Android operating systems; videos are always played at the preset system volume.

Crop video
By activating the “Crop video” function, you can change the display duration of your video. You can determine the start and/or end time of your video. This can often replace a video editing program by combining multiple copies of the same video element in the timeline and with different time frames.

The “Size” property is used to determine the scaling behavior of the module. The visible dimensions of the module are always determined by its parent layer and the maximum sizes defined with it.

  • Original size
    The video is shown 1:1 in its original size on the display. Depending on the display resolution, the display may vary between different display devices.
  • Contain
    The video is scaled so that the entire video is always visible on the layer. This may result in not covering the entire layer with the video.
  • Cover
    The video is resized so that the entire layer is always covered with the video.

In the following diagram below, you can see how the different video scaling variants render your video.

The “Quality” setting determines the maximum video size for processing on the player. More powerful hardware can process larger videos without stuttering; in addition, smaller videos also cause less network traffic when loading the video data.

After saving, the Youtube video will soon appear on your player.

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