The smart hardware addon FRAMR. Eye uses artificial intelligence to detect the approximate age, gender & likely mood of a person in front of your FRAMR. Display.




In the options of each FRAMR. Module you can find the “Display by parameters” section. There you can set the conditions for displaying each content of your playlis

To use FRAMR. Eye in your playlist you can use the following parameters:

Example 1

If you want to display a content only when there is a person in front of your screen who is obviously happy, you can use the following preset.

Example 2

Do you want to show, for instance, an individual greeting for people aged 60+ on your display? Then use the following configuration.

Example 3

Of course, you can also freely combine the parameters described above with all other available parameters and thus create any logical construction for the display for any content. For example, the content shown below can be seen on the display only if there is a lady with an age of 60 or more and in a cheerful mood in front of the screen.

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