Panasonic Professional Display with SDM Module


The following steps will help you turn your Panasonic Professional Display with SDM support into a FRAMR. Signage display.


System requirements

A list of Panasonic Professional Displays that support the SDM standard can be found on the Panasonic Website.

Install & configure FRAMR.Player SDM

  1. Disconnect the power supply to your display or turn off the power switch if necessary.
  2. Open the SDM slot of your Panasonic display by loosening the two screws on the back and removing the bezel.
  3. Slide the FRAMR.Player SDM into the SDM slot of your display and secure the hardware with the two previously removed screws.
  4. Restore power to your display or turn on the power switch and boot your screen by pressing the power button on your remote control.
  5. Open the settings on your screen and check if the following configuration sections are selected as shown below.

    DVI-D/SLOT-Selection: “SLOT”

    Input on power up: “SLOT”

    Serial control: “SLOT”

    Mode Energy Management: “User”, set all remaining settings in this view to “Off”

  6. Now restart your display to activate all settings.

Activate your player

Continue with the next step Activate your first player to activate your FRAMR.Player SDM display.

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