Image from remote server

One application example for this module is the display of current footage from a webcam. For example, a real estate agent can spark the imagination in potential customers by displaying the current construction progress of a house.

Available in FRAMR.Cockpit license

Learn how to add an image to your playlist using a URL.


Select the “Image from remote server” module in the list of available modules and then click “Add“.

Select “Image from remote server” from the drop-down menu and click the plus sign.

If you have just added the module, it is already automatically selected for you. Otherwise, select it by clicking on it in the playlist to edit the options.

Select the module by clicking on it in the playlist to edit its content.

Next, enter the URL to your image in the input field provided. Then click on the “Save” icon.

Add the URL to your image and then click “Save”.

Afterwards, you can make all the settings for this module as usual, such as setting a schedule, changing the size and orientation, and much more.

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